We have a new email for Attendance: Please send excuse notes, early check out notes, and/or any other attendance related concerns to this email.

New Safety Policies & Procedures

For All Visitors (non-CCSS):

  • You must sign into the computer at the Front Desk and receive a visitors badge

  • If you are going to a classroom for a conference, you must have an escort to and from the meeting*. *

  • If you are going to drop something off to a teacher, an escort is needed **

  • If you are going to lunch, you can only go into the cafeteria at your student's allotted lunch time (no escort needed)

  • If you are going to the nurse, an escort is needed

For CCSS Employees:

  • All CCSS Employees need to check in at the Front Desk and indicate why they are here / what they are doing. You will need to sign in on the CCSS employee clipboard.